Tuesday, January 31

Doodle mania!
As a six-month old, Doodle is really starting to develop a personality. He is a good sleeper most nights, and a very good eater, as he demonstrates here.

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Last night, I was holding him on my lap, and I picked up a little jar of Burt's Bees lip balm and put some on my chapped lips. He held out his hand toward the jar. When I told him that it was mommy's jar, he started to cry. He had been a pain in the ass all evening, if I'm being honest. So I let him have the jar. Instantly, his mood improved, and he was so proud of himself with that damn jar of lip gloss. He held it up and looked at it, then transferred it from his right hand to his left. He banged it against his side. He dropped it and fumbled around for it until he found it again. Concept learned: crying will get you everywhere.

He's starting to go places, too. He hasn't discovered that rolling over = means of travel, but once he does, I'm sure he will be off to the races. In the meantime, we have purchased a baby walker for him. I've heard that they are dangerous, but we usually use it on the carpeted living room where his mobility is limited. He mostly stands still because I also put on his Baby Einstein video while he's in there, which causes a catatonic trance-like state with occasional giggles. (Who thought that bubbles had such comic value?)

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According to the doctor, he is in the 75-90% for height and at the 25% for weight. Tall and skinny. Like his dad. I'm so glad he got those genes, rather than mine, which are the kind where I look at a donut and gain weight.

It's going so fast. Everyone who told me that? You were right.

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GreenTuna said...

MY EYES! I'm crushed by the weight of unbelievably cute baby!! I love the bottom picture where he really does kind of look like an Einstein, and you interrupted his lecture. Oh, and by the by, TinyTuna adored her walking chair thingee. I think as long as you keep an eye on them and don't put it at the top of the stairs, you're just fine.

Mensch71 said...

Super cute pictures. I like the top one best - it's all "I'm eating and cute. What else do you want????"

nlk said...

TOTAL dollbaby!

Birthmom said...

CUTE! I love Doodle Pictures!

Gosh, he's growing SO fast.

I told ya it flies by.

Anonymous said...

AWWW. so cute!! so cute!!