Wednesday, January 4

Close encounter of the mold kind
My strip cheese had mold on it AND. I. ALMOST. ATE. IT.

Seriously, had it not been for the fact that the cheese didn't come off in one neat strip, I would have eaten that mold.


This goes along with the way my day has gone so far. I am wearing my new cute skirt that I got at Old Navy, my boots, and a black top, and I took my coat off this morning only to find that my new scarf had fuzzed all over my top. Luckily a co-worker has a lint roller so I was hooked up with the de-fuzzification.

I am really bummed now. I have strip cheese every day at 4 and now I have NOTHING. Nothing!!!!

When I get home, don't nobody better get between me and a bag o' chips.

See previous entry re: losing weight.


GreenTuna said...

You think you had a bad food day? An excerpt from TinyTuna's after school email to me:
Today was an interesting day. It began at lunch when I found out the menu lied and their was popcorn chicken. I got a chicken sandwich and some flies, I hope that was OK.
Love and Anger,
TinyTuna (Sourpuss)

How hysterical is that? And eww. I hate it when they serve flies!

lifeonhold said...

I feel for you, Kat. I'm currently in serious holiday goodie withdrawl. Rage can't be far behind.

Kat said...

Aw, TinyTuna! That makes me feel better :)