Thursday, September 6

At least he's modest
A few nights ago, when we were trying to get Doodle to GO TO BED ALREADY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!, he was using his usual delaying tactics of a) getting us to read to him -- how could we deny a child who wants to read? b) pleading to not watch Wiggles or Doodlebops or one of his shows, but rather to watch "Brother" which has become his word for all shows Mommy likes to watch. But instead, we were watching the Indians game, or as he calls it, "Daddy's Baseball."

Doodle was sitting next to me on the couch, and would point out the various numbers he recognized on the screen. In the score box, he saw the number 4. He pointed to the number 3 on a player's jersey.

My hubby looked at Doodle and said, "Wow, Doodle, you're getting really good at counting!"

Before the word "counting" was out of his mouth, Doodle replied, "Yeah, I know."

Which sent us into fits of laughter. And delayed bedtime for another few minutes.

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