Monday, June 12

The World Cup: Something for Everyone
Although soccer isn't as wildly popular in the U.S. as it is, basically, everywhere else, I think there are several reasons I will enjoy watching the World Cup during these next sixteen weeks. Or three weeks. Whatever it is.

First of all, as someone who is semi-interested in sports, I admire the intense athleticism it takes to run for 45 minutes straight with no commercial breaks. By the way, insomniacs? I've found your cure.

It is also amusing to see the crowds who are so into the games. My husband and I took up the cheer "go Sveeden!" (In our best -- or worst -- Swedish accent, of course) Which was a throwback joke to when we were watching the Swedes in the curling event during the Olympics. Did you SEE the women's curling team from Sweden? Yikes!

And lastly, I made the discovery (what took me so long?) that soccer players = EYE CANDY. Iran v. Mexico, I'm looking at you.

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