Monday, March 27

Reality show clip time
  • Over the weekend I caught up on some of the reruns of Survivor Pearl Islands. I am reminded of how this is the best. season. ever! for several reasons. Sure, you know, Rupert's on there, and who doesn't love the Rupe, and you've got the whole Johnny Fairplay debacle, and the whole Outcast tribe coming back into the game, but it also confirmed in my mind what I already knew, and that is Burton is definitely the biggest hottie ever to play the game.
  • Anyone catch Scott Long (we Hamster Timers know him "fondly" as Peen) on "The Surreal Life"? He was trying out to become the 7th cast member (the spot ultimately went to Maven, a nicely chiseled wrestler from MTV's Tough Enough series). Big Brother enthusiasts will be happy to know that Peen embarrassed himself on television yet again when he showed his rear end, which revealed a HUGE brown stain. Contestants were asked to strip to their skivvies to show off their bods. Guess old Peen should have worn the CLEAN yellow tighties, and maybe he'd be hanging out with Sherman Helmsley and Tawny "I Stiletto'd Chuck Finley" Kitaen.
  • Without Project Runway to watch anymore, I have latched on to "Top Chef." It's not quite as exciting but I see potential.
  • I missed "Unanimous" the other night -- why did it look like they were in the Big Brother house?


lifeonhold said...

Ahhhh, Peen.....

I agree with you on Top Chef. It fills the time and has delicious villians [looking at you, Stephen and Tiffani].

Unan1mous. I love the distant 'subway voice' to the woman and the oddness of the redhead guy on the screen, and the cement shelter 'decor'. Contestants, you have already lost your souls for a chance at the money. Bring on the suffering!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've been watching those Survivor reruns myself- here, three episodes on wednesday nights!

I saw Peen humiliate himself as well- and I laughed and laughed and laughed!