Friday, March 10

Full of piss and vinegar
Some of these things I have been thinking of posting, but haven't gotten around to until now, so they may not be timely as I'd like...
  • Project Runway... CHLOE WON?!?!?! I still haven't seen the finale but I saw that she walked away with the top honor. WTF? I love Santino, by the way. Love him. And I love Daniel, too.
  • Crash won best movie at the Oscars? When I saw that, I thought to myself, "Oh, it must be some other movie named Crash, not the crappy, depressing movie called Crash that I saw." But nope, it was the crappy, depressing one.

I am, however, very excited about the Sopranos premiere. I hope it's good -- they take long enough to produce.

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