Tuesday, February 21

Back to reality
Hell week is over, at least for another year. How did it go? It went. It went as well as it could. Suffice to say, that when I no longer work for this company and write my tell-all book, this past week will have its own chapter.

Now I can stop stress eating and try and lose the weight I've gained back in the past couple of months, where my diet has consisted largely of pizza from the take-out place in my office building and Gobstoppers.

I got an award, just to brag a little bit about myself... for quality service. I was voted by my peers, which I guess is kind of cool.

Doodle did an amazing thing: he sat up, unsupported, on his changing table. I thought that his dad and I were going to spontaneously combust with pride. Doodle was oblivious to his milestone, as he had the larger goal of trying to reach the bottle of baby Tylenol that was on top of the changing table. Finally he teetered sideways and his dad caught him just in time and saved him from bashing into the wall.

This I know to be true: the house must be childproofed. Soon.

We have been watching entirely too much Olympics, and more specifically, curling. Why all of a sudden has curling gotten so much TV time? And why do we keep watching it?

When the Olympics aren't on (which is never -- although when I am able to commandeer the remote I usually switch it off), I've been catching up on Survivor: Exile Island, American Idol, Project Runway, etc.

Ah. Life is back to normal. Almost.

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lifeonhold said...

I love Doodle's milestones! He's a lucky baby.

I've been awash in Olympics and have curling on tape. I think the attraction is that weighty and nicely polished stone.

And seeing grown men using a broom.