Monday, July 20

Hey baby

OK, Nathan. It's your big Internet premiere. Remember, first impressions are everything. Knock em dead, buddy!

Oh. Well. That didn't go so well.

Let's try this again.

Nathan James, aka Scribble
born June 26, 2009
6 pounds 8 ounces

the car seat
the sound of the dryer
his brother, Doodle
late night television

dirty diapers
being late for mealtime
windy weather

Ready to try again, Scribble? Give them your full emotional range!


kswen said...

What a precious, PRECIOUS little scribble. He looks just like you!!!

GreenTuna said...

Scribble is fab! And wow, for not quite one month old, he looks like he already has QUITE the personality. Enjoy the ride!