Tuesday, October 24

Lost and found
This will tell you all you need to know about how clean my house is.

I was reading this book. The title is irrelevant, but it was one that I really enjoyed, when I could find the time to read, which is not that often.

The last time I got my hair done, which was about 4 weeks ago, I brought this book with me to read while my color was setting. Of course, I never read the books I read when I go to the salon, because they have People magazine there, and that is the only place that I feel I can read People without too much shame.

A couple weeks later, I had a doctor's appointment. I went to look for that book to take with me to the waiting room. I looked high and low, and couldn't find it. It wasn't under the bed, on a bookshelf (!!), on the kitchen table, under the pile of mail, or under the living room sofa. I thought maybe Doodle had taken it somewhere, but none of the usual hiding places (Pack and Play, basement, beneath crib) yielded any results. I then remembered that I had last seen this book when I took it to my hair appointment, and that I must have left it there. I even went so far as to ask my stylist if she had seen it.

This morning, I was in a "what to wear to work" crisis, nearing meltdown status. It's cold outside but not winter yet, so it's not time to break out the winter ensemble, but the fall clothes that I have aren't warm enough, and my black pants were too wrinkled, etc. So I was tearing through my closet, and remembered a certain blouse that I haven't worn in a while. Here comes the part where I reveal the squalor that I am living in. I thought that it was in a laundry basket of unfolded clothes in the bedroom. I rifled through the laundry basket, and -- voila -- not only the blouse, but my missing book! So that means, roughly, at least four weeks have passed since I folded this particular batch of laundry.

I could try and justify it by saying that most of the time, I'm folding laundry at night, after Doodle has gone to bed. And, my closet is still in Doodle's room. So I can't hang up those clothes while Doodle's sleeping. Thus they go back into the basket, for hanging up at a time when Doodle is awake. And it's one of those things where it's out of sight, out of mind. But still. Four weeks? And that's being generous!

Oh well. At least I can finish my book. Someday.

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